Popular Questions! 

How do I transfer a call directly to voicemail? 

While on the active call, press the Message button and enter the extension, press select.  The caller will be transferred directly to the person's mailbox without ringing the phone.  

How do I create a personal call list? 

Press the Contacts button, press the Right arrow to move to the Personal Contacts list, Press the New soft key to add new entry.  Enter the name for the button using the keypad.  Press the Down arrow to move to the number field.  Enter the number to be stored (remember to include a 9 and the area code if calling long distance), press Save when done storing number.  


TK installed a new AVAYA IP Office phone system in the summer of 2015.  New phones were placed throughout the district and a new voicemail system was implemented giving our staff flexible options to meet their communication needs.  

Special thanks to the Thornapple Kellogg Community for passing the school bond that provided the funds for this well overdue upgrade!